Privacy Policy

    1. The term ‘Bake Mela’ or ‘we’ or ‘us’ refers to Bake Mela. The term ‘you’ refers to the client/customer or user of any interface provided by a Zedoo Group Pvt Ltd company.
    2. Bake Mela’s Privacy Policy shall apply to the information obtained via our website(s), through emails, through information obtained through third parties and shall govern our behaviour related to all products and services offered by us. But this document shall not curtail Bake Mela’s autonomy to publish product or service specific privacy policies. 
    3. Queries regarding our Privacy Policy can be emailed to We attempt to reply to all queries within two working days.
    4. We treat all your personal information as confidential and comply with all applicable Indian Data Protection laws and consumer legislation in place.
    5. We do reserve the right to disclose personal information in the circumstances highlighted in this privacy policy.
     Information Collection and Usage
    1. Information provided by you: You shall be required to give certain information while accessing our website, communicating with us through other means, making use of our offerings (refer to Section 1.2 of our Terms of Service) etc. Owing to the nature of our trade it shall be mandatory on your part to provide some specific details. Not providing us with certain information might act to your detriment. We might choose not to provide you our offering in case you fail or refuse to provide us with the information we need. The information required includes but is not restricted to your name, your email id(s), phone number(s), billing and shipping address. We assure you that the information collected shall only consist of details required for general functioning of the website and shall not be superfluous. Information we collect would be used for processing orders, listings, reviews, administer polls/competitions/promotions, develop of website, improve customer service and to send you emails regarding product offers.
    2. Automatic Information Collection: Bake Mela might collect certain information every time you interact with Bake Mela. Bake Mela might collect this information without the express permission of the user/client of the website. This information would include inter alia the IP address, Operating System and browser type of your device being used for communication. We might also save data including the phone numbers or email ids used by a user/client to communicate with us. On certain occasions we might use JavaScript or similar software to collect information about your interaction with Bake Mela such as the duration of the session, response times, page views, product selections, wish lists, search terms you have used, clicks etc. We might choose to take appropriate measures to receive information regarding the delivery of our emails or information regarding when you accessed our mail(s). We may collect this information even if you have not registered with
    3. We might collect information regarding our customers from third parties (e.g. delivery information, change in address of the customer etc from the carriers).  
    4. Information collected in the abovementioned procedures shall strictly be used to ensure better services to our clients or to protect the rights or property of our customers. Bake Mela shall try to inform the customer if such information is to be used for other purposes. 
    5. By visiting it is assumed you do not object to us contacting you by email, phone or in writing and you will not consider this a breach of any of your rights.
    Sharing Customer Information
    1. Third Party Services: Due to the nature of services provided by Bake Mela, it becomes essential to share some information with trusted third parties, for example our delivery partners. Delivery information of our clients could be shared with the carriers of the articles for delivery. Similarly, customer information could be shared with third parties for better customer assistance, better marketing services and analyzing the data. These partners agree to keep any information provided to them confidential and only use the information in the manner intended and to conduct services requested by you.
    We do not sell customer information. Third parties may use the shared information for the specific purpose (as agreed upon) only.
    2. Business Transfers: With the development of our trade, we might choose to buy other businesses. Following general practices of trade, customer information might be shared for the functioning of our newly acquired businesses. In the unlikely event of Bake Mela being taken over by another business company, customer information shall be one of the assets being transferred. We shall try to ensure that the customer information is not misused.
    3. Statutory Requirements: Bake Mela would release customer information if required to do so by law. Besides, Bake Mela holds the rights to share customer information with law enforcement agencies for maintenance of law and order, protection from fraud etc.
    4. Your information may be shared with our parent company, subsidiaries, joint venture partners or companies under common control, that currently exist or may exist in the future. They will be required to adhere to this privacy policy.  
    5. Other people’s information: should you disclose another person’s contact information (i.e. email address) to allow them to be invited to the website and benefit from the same content it is assumed that you have obtained the consent of the concerned person to disclose to use this information. Any communication made with this referred email address is subject to an opt-out.
    Security of Information
    Bake Mela shall make use of sound practices like data encryption to ensure that customer information is not misused or accessed without authority. Steps shall be undertaken by Bake Mela to ensure that customer information is not altered or destroyed to the detriment of its clients. Bake Mela operates with powerful security systems and servers. Bake Mela’s employees shall have access to customer/user information but such access shall be restricted to the requirement of / for the working of Bake Mela. All Bake Mela accounts are password protected and it is the responsibility of the user to keep this information private. If the user suspects that this information is no longer private or their account has been accessed fraudulently it is their responsibility to inform Bake Mela of this breach in security.
    Accessing and updating personal information
    Bake Mela’s customers might be permitted to access and alter their personal data as required. Bake Mela holds the right not to permit a customer/user to access/alter any information which could jeopardize the privacy of any other customer/client or be detrimental to the interests of any customer/client or intrude in the efficient functioning of Bake Mela.
    The main purpose of cookies is to identify users and possibly prepare customized web pages for them. A collection of information, usually including a username and the current date and time, stored on the local computer of a person using the World Wide Web, used chiefly by websites to identify users who have previously registered or visited the site. Cookies are used to relate one computer transaction to a later one. Bake Mela uses cookies to compile site analytic data for the purposes of improving our website and overall business. We work with third party providers to assist us in analyzing site related data where appropriate. Any information they collect on our behalf is solely for our benefit and they are not permitted to use the data collected for any other purposes.
    Links to other websites
    The third party web sites may use technology to send (or "serve") the content of our web site and to process payments for the purchase of services on our web site etc. In addition, third parties may host the servers that deliver our hosted services to our customers. They may automatically receive your IP address when you visit our website or communicate with Bake Mela through other means. We do not have access to or control over cookies or other features that third parties may have, and the information practices of these third party web sites are not covered by this Privacy Policy. Furthermore links to other websites to which Bake Mela has no affiliation may be contained on the website and information practices on these sites are not covered by this Privacy Policy.
    Changes to the Privacy Policy
    Bake Mela might make suitable amendments to its Privacy Policy. Bake Mela shall attempt to make its users/customers aware of these amendments by publishing them on its website. Bake Mela will not be liable for any delay in the in publication of the amended Privacy Policy. We will indicate below any modification dates:
    Last modified: 08.11.2012