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    Net weight:

    Net weight The weight of the contents in a package, excluding the packaging weight.


    Cocoa nibs are simply roasted cocoa beans separated from their husks and broken in to small bits; may be used in cookies or as a topping in place of nuts.


    A coating which is either applied through a high temperature process called coil-coating on metal before the pan is formed, or spray coated on after the pan is formed. It may be silicone-based or a PTFE-based (polytetrafluorethylene or teflon) formulation.
    Benefits of nonstick: These vary depending on the coating, but relate to the ease of removal and cleanup of baking pans. Most nonstick coatings darken pans. Look for packaging instructions regarding the lowering of baking time or temperature for best results. 

    Nutrition facts:

    A box on the food label offering serving size and basic nutrition information for a food ingredient, recipe or product.


    The dry fruit of trees, legumes, or seeds; an edible kernel encased in a hard, dry shell. Rich in nutrients, flavor, and texture, nuts provide sensory appeal to baked goods and other menu items. Nuts may be as high as 90 percent fat, but the fat is primarily the healthful, monounsaturated type.