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    In home baking, neither the shell color nor the grade of egg matter. The size standard recipes call for is large unless stated otherwise. Eggs perform many functions – leavening, binding, thickening, coating or glazing, emulsifying, moisturizing or drying, and adding color, flavor, and nutrients to the finished product. Eggs also may be used to retard  crystallization in some frosting.

    Egg wash:

    A thoroughly combined mixture of 1 whole egg, egg yolk, or egg white mixed with 1 tablespoon cold water or milk. This mixture is brushed on the unbaked surface of breads, pastries, or other baked goods just before baking to provide a rich color or gloss to the crust. 

    Egg yolk:

    The yellow center portion of a whole egg; an emulsifier contaning lecithin, vitamins, lutein, fat and choline.


    Capable of recovering shape after stretching; developed gluten in dough is elastic.

    Emulsify, Emulsifier:

    An ingredient such as an egg that, when beaten with two non-mixing ingredients like oil and vinegar, will hold them in a suspension so they do not separate.


    To improve the nutritional value of an ingredient or food. Baked goods may be enriched by using milk, enriched flour, whole grain flours, eggs, soy protein or flour.


    Hand or electrical tools and appliances needed to accomplish a task, craft or job.


     Equal or the same (Ex: three teaspoons is equivalent to one tablespoon).