About Us

    Bake Mela was created to give a voice and a platform to home bakers who find it difficult to market themselves. In any one city there are hundreds of talented home bakers whose songs go unheard and recipes go un-tasted. Bake Box wants to put an end to this and champion the home baker; a person with passion, style and skill who just needs a stage to woo you with their baked delights. 
    Don’t trawl through Facebook to find a home baker. Bake Mela has all the information you will need to find the ideal home baker to make your special occasion perfect: contact details, photos, reviews, ratings, menus and delivery information. 
    The team are all cake obsessed sweet-tooth fanatics; one even has a cupcake tattoo!! We all work tirelessly to ensure home bakers have a voice and the taste-buds of India are tantalised with only the best products! Bake Mela...from one sweet tooth to another.